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The Alba Chaise Longue Sofa: comfort, sustainability and style in a versatile design that redefines any space with ease of maintenance and exceptional durability.

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Alba Chaise Longue Sofa: Comfort and Style in Your Home

Discover the Alba Chaise Longue Sofa

Can you imagine a sofa that combines design, comfort and functionality, all in one? The East Chaise Longue Alba It is exactly what your home needs. Designed with the needs of modern living in mind, this sofa is not only a piece of furniture, but an experience of unmatched comfort.

Features that Make the Difference

Tailored Comfort

He Chaise Longue Alba stands out for its adaptability. With reclining backrests and removable and adjustable seats, offers the possibility of customizing your seating experience, always guaranteeing maximum comfort. Combining high quality nappa and eraser in its lining, along with the filling of hollow fiber and chopped rubber, creates a haven of softness and comfort.

Design and Durability

This cheap chaise longue sofa does not skimp on quality. Built on a durable wood frame, and with legs of metal that provide stability and a modern touch, the Alba is designed to last. Furthermore, their recyclable materials They not only take care of your comfort but also the planet.

Style and Functionality

With generous dimensions of 280x180x95cm, the Alba Chaise Longue is perfect for filling large spaces with style and comfort. Its design includes reclining heads, sliding seats and a reversible chaise longue, in addition to 4 poufs to offer even more seating options and comfort.

Why Choose the Alba Chaise Longue Sofa?

Are you looking for a cheap sofa? Choose the Alba Chaise Longue Sofa It means opting for a lifestyle where quality, design and functionality meet to create the space of your dreams. Whether to enjoy family moments, relax after a long day or simply give your home a touch of elegance and modernity, this chaise longue sofa is the perfect choice.


He Alba Corner Sofa It represents the perfect union between design and comfort. Its sturdy structure, premium materials, and adjustable features make it the ideal choice for those looking for a chaise longue sofa that is not only aesthetically appealing but also comfortable and durable. Make your home stand out with the Alba Sofa, where every detail is designed for your well-being.

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Fabrics and colors

Alba Choco, Alba Negro, Charlotte Choco, Charlotte Gris, Charlotte Marengo, Charlotte Tierra, Charlotte Verde, Cristal Brown, Cristal Perla, Julietta Cafe, Julietta Choco, Julietta Gris, Julietta Marengo, Julietta Tierra, Julietta Turquoise, June Blue, June White , June Choco, June Grey, June Black, June Red, June Nougat, Yellow Nest, Beige Nest, Brown Nest, Choco Nest, Marengo Nest, Pearl Nest, Red Nest, Pink Nest, Turquoise Nest, Green Nest, Series M Blue Blue , M Series Blue Beige, M Series Blue White, M Series Blue Ash, M Series Blue Lemon, M Series Blue Pearl, M Series Blue Truffle, M Series Blue Pastel Green, M Series Magnolia Cement, M Series Magnolia Cream, M Series Magnolia Stone, M Series Magnolia Lead, M Series Magnolia Red, M Series Montero Anthracite, M Series Montero Choco, M Series Montero Hamster, M Series Montero Stone, White Sapphire, Camel Sapphire, Cardinal Sapphire, Choco Sapphire, Gray Sapphire, Black Sapphire, Red Sapphire

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